My Story

Look, here’s the thing. Back in January 2021, I started taking morning walks before work.

These were mostly “inspired” by my friend Andy, who just got a new Apple Watch and was convinced that all of his buddies needed to work off their post-pandemic weight.

He wasn’t wrong.

So I started going for walks, grabbing a coffee, and catching up on my backlog of podcasts.

It took me awhile to notice it, but my whole neighborhood was slowing being overrun by old icky discarded PPE.

Masks, gloves, face shields, you name it.

After a few months of seeing this gross, upsetting rubbish I decided to take a stand and I decided to fix it.

As most of my projects start, this one began with a 3D model, uploaded to share with other folks with 3D printers. I designed and printed a grocery bag holder that would give me a bit of distance from the used PPE (ew) I was picking up with the trash grabber claw I ordered online.

Now when I take my morning walk, I grab a coffee, and I pick up some trash. I’m not cleaning up every street, I’m not saving the world. But I think little by little I can make a difference in the streets and neighborhoods I visit every morning.

If you like what I’m doing and think it’s a good idea, grab a bag and do the same in your community. It seems cliche to say, but together we can make a difference.

– Chris

Coffee Walkee Grocery Bag Ring

Follow the link to PrusaPrinters to download the 3D print files for my bag ring.